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Thanks to our genetic technologies we can make gender selection in the accuracy of 99.9% *. *According to the new legal regulations, PDG cannot be performed gender selection. PGD can be performed for genetic screening, when it is necessary for an illness or a risky situation. Gender determination is the procedure where the gender of the embryo can be determined before transfer and pregnancy. Gender determination can be done precisely only with in vitro fertilization and genetic analysis. This procedure allows the couples to have a child that is the gender they want family balancing purposes, this is when a couple have 3 boys and wish to complete their family with a girl for example. PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is a genetic analysis method that determines the gender of the embryos obtained via the In-vitro Fertilisation method with a certainty over 99%. (Although it is the method that puts accurate diagnosis, the reason for using the statement of over 99% instead of 100% is; cases depending on the technical conditions of the test are always considered even though less than one in a thousand and even if it is performed in the world’s best laboratories. However, the results are certain in practical life.) The genetic analysis method is the most preferred technique for gender determination because of the success rate which is up to 100%. You can also increase your chance to get more healthy embryos from the sex you prefer by pre-sorting sperms with Microsort.

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