23 Years of Experience
More than 50,000 Babies

We are the oldest and the only fertility hospital of Cyprus, focues on IVF and donation treatments.



“One of Top 3 IVF Centers of the World”

British Cyprus, which has been selected as “One of the Top 3 IVF Centers of the World” by Newsweek, also has been awarded as “The IVF Center of the Year” by WHTC.

CGT Test is Applied Only in Our Hospital in Cyprus

With over 1600 genetic scannings CGT Test (Recombine) healthiest and safest treatment is offered

State of Art Embryology Laboratory

We have up to 97.82% pregnancy rates* thanks to the cutting-edge tests, available only in British in Cyprus.

Largest donor pool with 1,800+ donors | 23 years of experience | more than 50,000 IVF success | up to 97.82% success rates* | 10 eggs guarantee | ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates | Success Boosters: MIRI 7/24 embryo tracking system, MicroSort (Sperm sperator for sex selection), MitoScore, PGT, CGT, NGS, ERA

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Infertility and IVF

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is assisting your eggs and sperms to form healthy embryos. We proved our success and experience with 50.000+ healthy babies.

Egg Donation

Egg donation is a treatment we retrieve healthy eggs from donors and create embryos with your partner’s sperms. We are so confident in our results that we refund 100% if you cannot concieve in 3 cycles.

Gender Determination

Gender determination is the procedure where the gender of the embryo can be determined before transfer and pregnancy. With exclusive MicroSort, bring your family more joy with a girl or boy.

Tandem cycle | Embryo Donation | Sperm Donation | Genetics | Donate Eggs

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    Success Stories

    We have felt extremely privileged to be
    treated at Cyprus IVF Clinic

    “What could have been a very stressful experience was in
    fact far more relaxed and stress free than we ever
    imagined it could be.  This must be due to the excellent
    organisation in the clinic, the pleasant surroundings and
    the level of care shown by all the staff.  We have felt
    extremely privileged to be treated at British Cyprus Fertility Hospital, thank you all so much.”

    J. and J. from London

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    It is perfectly safe to travel there is no detriment in flying before or after treatment.

    The ethnic origin of our donors is quite diverse, mostly Eastern European Caucasian women (from former Soviet Republics), students and graduates, living in both Turkey and Northern Cyprus.  The majority of them between 21-28 and often students or graduates.  They will have normal body weight, healthy medical and genetic history and will have tested negative for all infectious disease screening performed according to the standard criteria of the HEFA (The UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority).

    We are the only clinic in Northern Cyprus to use Re-combine (genetic testing) for our donors.  They must also meet the following criteria, be 30 years old or less, two ovaries, BMI of less than 25 and FSH level of less than 8.

    Your stay will depend on what treatment you are undertaking but we usually stay aroun 7 – 10 days unless attending for a full cycle which would be 21 days.

    In line with both HEFA/UK Guidelines and Cypriot Law we will transfer no more than 2 embryos, this is because of the well documented evidence in relation to increased multiple pregnancies rates following assisted conception which indeed can lead to miscarriage and severe health problems during pregnancy and at delivery.  Any clinic transferring more are not only breaking the law and best practice are putting your chances of a sustained healthy pregnancy at risk.

    Egg Donor SEARCH System

    “One and only” of British Cyprus Fertility Hospital: You can search for your ideal donor among 1800+ egg donors on our simplified donor search system.

    weCARE Team

    IVF treatments are journeys full of hopes, realities, hugs, tears, laughter, beauties, harsh days, relaxing conversations, fellowship… And yet, it’s your right to know those who walk by you. We have an open-door policy, only too happy to introduce ourselves and greet you to put your mind at ease and establish trust.