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Couples carrying known and matching genetic mutations, who can fall pregnant naturally, will need to seek IVF treatment in order to guarantee they are carrying

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Blastocyst Transfer

In IVF treatments, couples are given a report regarding the embryo quality and/or pictures of the transferred embryos by the centre they completed their treatment.

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Embryo Freezing

Many IVF cycles are carried out all over the world and each cycle is different and cannot be compared to one another, this also means

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Egg Freezing

Until the mid-2000’s egg freezing was technically a low efficiency procedure and showed a significant drop in the number of live embryos fertilised after thawing

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Time Lapse Embryo Imaging

British Cyprus Fertility Hospital proudly announce that the most advanced type of TLM incubator, Miri® TL, has now been available for our valuable patients. Although many

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