Our same sex couple trusted us, said that they were #ReadyForDonation and came to Cyprus. As you already know, it’s a big story starting in China Today we have recieved the greatest news; Lei is pregnant!

Claire was effected badly from traumatic IVF stories in some other clinics of their same sex couple friends and both were afraid when they come to our hospital. Fortunately we send them with a baby in Lei’s belly. From the first touch on the airport till the last good bye, Claire and Lei felt us like real friends. So, we finished the donation procedure in a warm ambience.

These happy journey lasted approximately 20 days and both made us quite sure that it was fun! The nature of Cyprus, historical environment, shiny sun and the blue sea made them feel like they were a weight off their shoulders. You should have seen them smiling and laughing with their doctor, while they were heading towards the operation room.

Finally the calender showed today and we had a very cheerful video from our friends Lei and Claire. You will see the vivid joy and the pure happiness in their face. They promissed us to visit our hospital nex time with their lovely baby in their arms.

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