Who are the egg donors?

The ethnic origin of our donors is quite diverse, mostly Eastern European Caucasian women (from former Soviet Republics), students and graduates, living in both Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Donors are women between the ages of 18-30. The majority of them between 21-28 and often students or graduates. They will have normal body weight, healthy medical and genetic history and will have tested negative for all infectious disease screening performed according to the standard criteria of the HEFA (The UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority).

How do you recruit your donors?

Recruitment is usually by word of mouth, between fellow students and our active donor co-ordinator meets with them in their university or place of work.

How can I be sure that egg donation will be safe?

We are the only clinic in Northern Cyprus to use Re-combine (genetic testing) for our donors. They must also meet the following criteria, be 30 years old or less, two ovaries, BMI of less than 25 and FSH level of less than 8.

How long will I need to stay in Cyprus?

Your stay will depend on what treatment you are undertaking but we usually say around 7 – 10 days unless attending for a full cycle which would be 21 days.

How many embryos will you transfer?

In line with both HEFA/UK Guidelines and Cypriot Law we will transfer no more than 2 embryos, this is because of the well documented evidence in relation to increased multiple pregnancies rates following assisted conception which indeed can lead to miscarriage and severe health problems during pregnancy and at delivery. Any clinic transferring more are not only breaking the law and best practice are putting your chances of a sustained healthy pregnancy at risk.

Are there any side effects of the medication used during my IVF treatment cycle?

During down regulation you may experience headaches, hot flushes or mood swings. When you start follicle stimulating injections these side effects should subside, but you may experience “twinges” in your ovaries and can feel bloated.

Will the drugs I take make me put on weight?

You should not increase in weight , but once you commence your follicle stimulating injections you may feel bloated and experience lower abdominal swelling.

What can I take for pain relief during my treatment?

Paracetamol is perfectly safe to take during this time.

Do I have to take my follicle stimulating injections at the same time each day?

It is highly recommended you take your injection at the same time each day. When you are due to attend the clinic for a follicle scan do not have your stimulating injection before the scan as the dosage you take may be amended.

Can I still have sexual intercourse whilst on my drugs?

Intercourse is unrestricted until day nine of stimulating injections but you must use a condom during this time.

Why do I have to use a barrier form of contraception once I have commenced treatment?

If you should become pregnant naturally, the down-regulation drugs may increase the chances of a miscarriage.

Is it safe to travel abroad whilst undergoing treatment?

It is perfectly safe to travel there is no detriment in flying before or after treatment.

Following my embryo transfer do you recommend I use my cyclogest/progesterone pessaries rectally or vaginally?

It is your personal choice whether you administer your pessaries vaginally or recatally. When using pessaries vaginally you may experience a white discharge this is nothing to be concerned about.

Can I do a pregnancy tests earlier than 2 weeks following embryo transfer?

It is advisable to perform the pregnancy test 2 weeks after embryo transfer to avoid false results. We also recommend you use an early morning sample of urine or if possible a blood test for BhG level.

I am due to have a dental filling, can I have this done during treatment?

Yes, but it is highly recommended that you advise your dentist of the possibility you may be pregnant. They will then decide whether or not your treatment should be postponed or cancelled.

Can I drink alcohol during my treatment?

There is evidence that alcohol reduces fertility in both men and women. It is advisable to keep alcohol intake to below the recommended limits eg upt to 5 units per week, if possible abstinence totally may be preferrable.

Can I dye my hair while I am having my treatment?

It is always advisable to inform your hairdresser that you may be pregnant so that she is aware of what products to use that are not detrimental to a pregnancy.

My doctor has given me anti-biotics, can I take them during my treatment?

If your GP/Doctor is aware you are having IVF treatment he/she will prescribe anti-biotics that are safe to take during pregnancy. If your GP/Doctor is not aware you are having IVF treatment you should inform them you may be pregnant.

Can I have my flu jab during treatment?

No, it is not advisable to have a flu vaccination at this time.

Can I go swimming during/after treatment?

During treatment it is a good way to keep fit, however following embryo transfer we would not advise you to go swimming either in the sea or pool to prevent infection occuring for at least until the pregnancy has been confirmed.

Can I use complimentary therapies?

We have no evidence to say it is harmful, but we would advise you to tell your therapist that you may be pregnant as the use of certain aromatherapy oils is not advisable during pregnancy.

What about accupuncture?

We again have no evidence to say it is harmful, indeed a number of our patients have highly recommended it and with good success.

Do I need to take time off work during treatment?

It is not necessary to take time off work during treatment.