Maximizing gender selection outcome by pre-sorting sperm cells

For years, IVF clinics have been using sperm preparation techniques to create embryos for gender selection and when resulting embryos are analyzed by PGD, information.

In its simplest terms, Microsort sperm sorting technology in order to sort the sperm cells according to desired sex chromosome (X or Y) and by using these sorted sperm cells for insemination (via IVF or ICSI), nearly all embryos to be analyzed by PGD can be from the expected gender. In this way, we can obtain significantly high clinical pregnancy rates while minimizing the unexpected treatment cancellations due to the lack of a suitable embryo during embryo transfer.

Microsort sperm sorting technology is based on flow cytometry in combination with a special software which maximizes the sorting efficiency for X and Y-bearing sperm cells. Currently, sperm sorting by Microsort technology for X-bearing and Y-bearing sperm gives 93% and 82% sorting effciency respectively and by using these sperm for IVF maximizes the production of embryos with a desired gender.

All inclusive Gender Selection by the latest Time Lapse Morphokinetics (TLM) and Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) technologies

In order to maximize the number of high quality embryos for gender selection, we believe that the latest TLM technology creates a considerably suitable and natural environment in the embryology laboratory. Also, for the last ten years, CCS technologies (including embryo biopsy and chromosomal analysis approaches) have dramatically evolved. Nowadays, it is possible to screen a blastocyst-stage embryo for all chromosomes that exist in the embryo. In this way, together with the gender information, one can get all possible chromosome-related information and see possible defects and disorders that an embryo can carry. Transfering a normal embryo with a desired gender after comprehensive chromosomal screening by aCGH or next generation sequencing (NGS) also maximizes the implantation and pregnancy rates.

In British Cyprus Fertility Hospital, comprehensive chromosomal screening during gender selection has already been included in the gender selection package price and valid for up to 8 embryos.