One of the biggest concerns among many couples that are treated or thinking of IVF treatment is whether there is a possibility of the sperm and egg cells collected from them or obtained embryos with the cells / embryos of the other couples being mixed up or wrongly allocated in the laboratory environment

The biggest reason for these problems is the absence of any control or observational means for the couples to have during the stages of the procedure.

In our laboratory the use of the latest high technology with highly experienced staff working to the highest standards, it is there for possible for us to allay these concerns through the implementation of total quality control and quality management programs at all stages.

To reduce any concerns you may have and feel safe during your treatment the process in our IVF Laboratories within British Cyprus Fertility Hospital are as follows:

We follow-up your previous and current medical treatment process carefully and in detail, and store them on electronic recording media that can only be accessed by only the medical personnel dealing with you.

We use automation systems that all medical devices are connected organically and controlled 7/24; ambient air, moisture and temperature levels are optimized by continuous observation.

Thanks to our total quality management programs, we use your individualised indicators / information at every stage for the diagnosis or treatment from the collection of your reproductive cells (eggs and sperm) until the transfer of embryos. We perform the necessary checks and verifications in three stages; written, oral and coloured. We pass to the next stage of the procedure after full verification of the information of the person / couple having the procedure carried out by two embryologists.

With the special barcode systems, we use only disposable materials used once in the treatment for the specified person or couple. Due the barcode system we are eliminating the risk of mixing up the eggs and sperms to zero.

General and procedure specific statistics of the procedures performed in the laboratory are evaluated in real time at regular intervals. We provide the periodic success rate of each procedure to be achieved at the highest possible level.

The quality related to procedures is protected with ISO9001 Quality Management standards, while privacy security is protected with ISO27001 Information Security Standard. Our organization is audited regularly by the TRNC Ministry of Health and the EU Coordination Centre.