Time Lapse Morphokinetic (TLM) Analysis and Dynamic Embryo Culture: A brand new dimension in IVF Treatments

British Cyprus Fertility Hospital proudly announce that the most advanced type of TLM incubator, Miri® TL, is now available for our valuable patients.

Although many couples think that novel technological interventions can help doctors and scientists to increase the success rates in IVF treatment, the magic of such technologies resides in their capacity to imitate and understand the nature. In other words, monitoring and selecting the best embryo without disturbing its natural environment is the key for our high pregnancy success and that’s exactly what dynamic embryo culture and TLM analysis can provide us.

What does Miri® TL provide in our success?

Unlike its competitors that are used in the market, Miri® TL has brought several important advantages over standard systems. First, the device has six individual and independent embryo culture chambers, which further minimize environmental stress that can be exerted on developing embryos. Secondly, with its specially-designed culture dish, more embryos can be safely cultured in the device simultaneously. Third, a state-of art software system helps the embryologists to evaluate and choose the most viable embryo for a successful pregnancy.