Embriyolog Afet Soykök

Clinical Embryologist, MSc


  • University of Kent- MSc. in Reproductive Medicine
  • Graduate with Distinction
    • Module includes; 
      • Science at Work
      • The Science of Reproductive Medicine
      • Practical and Applied Research Skills for Advanced Biologists
      • The IVF World
      • Reproduction and the Beginnings of Life
      • MSc.  Project
  • Title of MSc. Project: Optimization of Culture Media for in vitro Maturation of Porcine Oocytes Derived from Small Follicles
    • Description: Farm animal in vitro production (IVP) can increase the production of healthy embryos. It also reduces the generational intervals, hence achieving rapid selection of beneficial traits to therefore allow farmer to keep up with the ever-increasing global demand for meat.  Considering in vitro production (IVP) system, oocyte collection, in vitro maturation (IVM), fertilization and blastocyst formation are all important steps in order to have large numbers of healthy embryos. In this thesis, optimising culture media with forskolin, l-carnitine and resveratrol have showed that the maturation rate of pig oocytes during IVM 3-day protocol improved.  Therefore, according to findings during my MSc. Project suggest that enhancing a culture media using those chemicals and the identification of the role of the follicles on oocyte maturation rate may have significant contribution to the overall success rate of IVM. 
  • 2014 – 2018  Eastern Mediterranean University- B.S in Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • 2010-2014     Famagusta Turk Maarif College 
  • Practical Skills that gained by the Laboratory Practicum:
    • Methods for In vitro Maturation (IVM)
    • In vitro Fertilization (IVF)
    • Andrology
    • DNA Isolation
    • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
    • Gel Electrophoresis
    • Bacterial Isolation and Cultivation
    • Wide range of Bioinformatics computer tools. (UniProt, Ensembl, NCBI, MEGA, Proteomics, Human CpG island database, cBioPortal, KEGG, Reactome, 
    • Spectrophotometry
  • 2017  February     Dr. Halil İbrahim Tekin Cyprus IVF Center(U.K.C.F.A)
  • 2017   June         British IVF and Hospital 

İş Deneyimi

  • British Cyprus IVF Hospital – Position: Clinical embryologist 

Mesleki Üyelikler

  • 2021                 Embryology certificate: American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • 2020                Attendance certificate of ESHRE Annual Meeting 2020        
  • 2018-2019        Attendance certificate (Worked in Animal IVF Lab for MSc degree)                 
  • 2016                  First Winter Data Retreat of EMU Genetics Club
  • 2015                  Genetic Disorders, Environment, Drug, Interaction of Drug and  Nutrients in the Place of Human and Investigation of DNA Analysis in North Cyprus
  • 2014                    First EMU Genomics and Proteomics Research Meeting
  • 2013                   The Cyprus Friendship Program – Duration: 1 month in United States
  • 2012                  Experiments of Physics Department at the Science Exhibition
  • 2010-2013          First position in TRNC Volleyball Championships
  • 2007-2008         The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Yabancı Diller

  • Turkish (Native Language)
  • English (Advance)