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When infertility problem in couples arise due to male factors; sperm donation may be preferred as an alternative treatment method to be able to have babies if the problem cannot be solved.

Sperm donation means the couple, which does not have sperm for any reason, getting sperm from another person to achieve pregnancy.

The way to achieve pregnancy after obtaining the sperm from a donor is depending on the procedure, which the couple and the doctor will decide together. If only sperm will be used in sperm donation procedure, the woman should be prepared in advance in terms of pregnancy.

If the pregnancy will be achieved by insemination method, the woman must be taken under follow-up from the second or third day of the menstruation. Woman’s spontaneous and at minimal dose of medication treatment egg development is followed-up. Egg cracking injection is performed if an egg reaching sufficient size is detected; and insemination procedure is performed with the sperm obtained from a donor after about 36 hours after this cracking injection. Insemination procedure is the procedure, in which the sperm obtained from a donor is given to the woman’s uterus with the help of a cannula.

Sperm donation in IVF procedure

Another treatment used in sperm donation procedure is IVF. Couples usually prefer IVF method in sperm donation. The woman must also be treated in IVF method. So, eggs developing injections are started to be used on the second or third day of the menstruation and medication treatment continue for about ten days. At the end of the medication usage duration; when the development of sufficient number and size of eggs is detected, a final maturation injection is performed and egg collection procedure is performed after about 35-36 hours after this injection. Egg collection procedure is a procedure performed under anesthesia that lasts a short time like 5-10 minutes. The patient does not feel any pain as it is performed under anesthesia. The sperm obtained from a donor is also kept ready in the laboratory on the day of egg collection and eggs obtained from the woman are evaluated two hours after egg collection procedure. Donor sperms are used as to be one sperm for each mature egg. Then also waited in the next period until the pregnancy test examined from the blood like IVF treatment.

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