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A new era of preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) applications: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) at Brtish Cyprus IVF Hospital

Nowadays, array comparative genomic hybridization-based (aCGH) preimplantation genetic screening applications that allow us to perform comprehensive chromosomal screening (23 pairs, 24 different types of chromosomes) is the most common and widely-used approach. However, this technology has now been progressively replaced by “next generation sequencing” (NGS) technology, which further allow us to analyze the genetic code of embryos in more detail and higher accuracy.

NGS technology brings numerous advantages with it. Next generation sequencing applications help us to detect genetically normal and implantation-competent embryos, as well as allows us to analyze (in certain candidate couples) both chromosomal and single-gene level genetic problems on embryos simultaneously. With its extremely fast development rate, it is also expected that the cost of the technology on the treatment budget will gradually be decreased in the near future.

As British Cyprus Fertility Hospital, our primary aim is to provide the latest technologies that are proven to be clinically effective/beneficial for our patients, at the same time with the world’s most prestigious IVF Centres. We are therefore very proud to announce that, with effect from November 2015, NGS-based PGS service has been available for our patients that are candidates of comprehensive chromosomal screening.

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