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Decision-making process is the most difficult period of the couples in sperm donation procedure, in which a part of the couples having infertility due to male factors are admitted. To meet on a common ground regarding having a child via a sperm coming from a different man may take some time for both of the couples. Another important decision to be made after consensus about treatment is be able to choose the right center. The criteria to be considered at this point are mainly experience, technological infrastructure and the reliability of the institution. One of the most important factors in achieving successful results in sperm donation procedure is healthy donor. Choosing the right center is required in order to find the right donor with the appropriate criteria.

Factors that differentiate the service

British Cyprus Fertility Hospital has very high pregnancy rates in sperm donation. One of the most important points here is sperm selection. Mostly sperm from bank is preferred rather fresh sperm sample in the center. Sperm banking is a highly professional field and provides significant advantages. In addition, the first rule used for the donors is all donors to be young and healthy. Besides the physical characteristics of the donors, their genetic evaluations are also performed and genetic tests of all donors are performed completely. In addition, infection tests are also performed. Thus, an extra security measure in terms of infection transition is taken also when sperm from bank is used instead of fresh sperm. Because the sperms obtained from the donors are kept in sperm bank for a certain time. It is closely monitored whether any test of the donor is getting positive or not during this period. So, the risk of transmission of infection is minimized as tests of the donor that are negative in terms of hepatitis or HIV test during giving the sample are controlled whether any positivity is developed in these tests or not in this period.

In addition to all these, British Cyprus Fertility Hospital’s experience of over 23 years also constitutes the most important criteria in reaching successful outcomes. As IVF treatment is applied in donation procedure, the use of advanced laboratory technologies is for one of the most important factors that lead to success. In addition, the team of physicians, nurses and embryologists experienced in IVF treatment also takes part in the reasons for choosing British Cyprus Fertility Hospital.

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