Hi, We are a couple from Sweden. After a period of investigation and a few failed own egg  treatments in Nordic countries, we finally decided to go for donor egg, by then I was already 44 years and half . Then another problem came up besides the age issue. I am originally from North-East Asia,  But clinics within EU either cannot provide North-East Asian donor at all, or it would take up a very long time ( more than 6  months) before such a minority donor show up if after all.. The best result we got that far, there was a donor from Asia  and she had olive skin color , but not specified where she was exactly from – well, Appearance-wise, North-East Asian can be very different from South-East Asian, for instance, my skin tone is rather fair … We decided to go as similar color as myself to save future headache, when we could not get any further information about the donor, we thought we had to give up our baby dream.

But now you are looking at the 14 weeks ultrasound scan of our lovely baby boy and baby girl!  Aren’t they lively and cute!

It just so happened we googled up fertility clinics online , and also contacted them with one essential question for us asked – Do you have North-East Asian donor? No surprisingly clinics from Spain, Czech, Baltic , etc answered NO, but some clinics from Cyprus, or North Cyprus to be exact, they answered YES!

We contacted some north Cyprus clinics, even though they gave us relatively similar answers to the programs, prices, we finally decided on Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital.  When other clinics were nagging on prices and payment terms with us in that early stage, or left us wondering and waiting for some feedback, Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital’s contact coordinator Zeren was the one always quick in feedback, and showed great professionalism and compassion. She also has tons of humor which eases somewhat our tensed nerves ! So that was an easy and confident choice we made to go on with Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital.

The procedure went as smoothly as it could be, totally not like what I felt from the previous clinics. – our millions of questions got answered by Zeren normally within a couple of hours, our stay in the clinic was pleasant, everyone greeted us with smile and understanding, and of course Zeren’s big smile and positive energy was everywhere!

Now I am a proud mum-to-be with twins , but Zeren is still keep following up my progress and answers my questions when I cannot get even get a quick answer from my midwife in Sweden.

From our experience, we would warmly and confidently recommend Bahçeci Cyprus Fertility Hospital to anyone who is or about to go into the IVF journey, and we wish you a happy outcome like ours!


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