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Our experience and the technology we adopt in our clinic are probably the two most important factors in the delicate issue of the number of embryos to be transferred in one cycle of treatment.  Consideration needs to be made in light of an assessment of the couple prior to the procedure, such as age and health.

What is the ideal number of embryos to transfer in order to achieve a successful pregnancy?  According to the information provided by our specialists in the Cyprus centre, the number of embryos to be transferred is determined and agreed with the patients` best interests and wishes taken into consideration.

These are, embryo quality, the number of previous embryo transfers the patient has had, the woman’s age is also important when considering how many embryos to transfer.

Our specialists recommend the transfer of two embryos, however, on the day of transfer this may change based on embryo quality.  In any case the number of embryos transferred will never exceed three.

Transferring a greater number of embryos increases the chances of multiple pregnancies and therefore the risk of miscarriage and pregnancy related complications as well as premature birth.

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